"fun with excel" workshop

Learn Excel without the painful Struggle - in a few Hours

To know how, Join this FUN HANDS-ON 2-Hour Excel workshop to Master Excel quickly.

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I will be teaching Pivot Tables, IF statements & other functions of Excel in this LIVE workshop.

Do you know that most people only use 20% of MS Excel?

Have you wanted to impress your manager with attractive charts / dashboards, but do not know where to start?

Do you want to open new career options or grow fast in your career?​

Have you tried learning Excel from blogs/videos and become more confused?

Do you want to save a lot of time by automating repetitive Tasks with Excel Macros?!

If yes, then don't worry! You are at the right place!

Watch Feedback by Sivansh - Class 10th Student (Part of my 'Fun with Excel' course)

Faculty who has studied in IIM-Ahmedabad & NIT-Surat will be taking this workshop.

Dates: Sat, 11 Sep & Sun, 12 Sep 2021

Time: 06:00PM to 07:00 PM IST (about 1 Hour each day)

Send me a WhatsApp/SMS message on +91- 88672 36425 for any other questions. If you prefer email, you can reach me at kumar.bm@mlbrains.com.

I make learning Excel fun and exciting.

I do not offer the regular boring Excel training course. What I offer are puzzles and games.

Whether you are a beginner in Excel or an advanced Excel user, one thing is for sure: You are going to have fun solving these puzzles and playing these games!

You also learn Excel along the way!

In this workshop, I will cover Pivot Tables, Mathematical Functions, Basics of Excel & more, all through a fun Excel puzzle. 🤩

A fun Puzzle worth Rs. 499 will be shared with you in the workshop for free.

OPTION 1 - VIP Seat : Pay Rs. 99 now & Get VIP Access

  1. Free FUN Puzzle worth Rs. 499 during the Workshop
  2. Access to Mentor for Doubt-clearing even 1 -week after the Workshop
  3. Lifetime Membership to Exclusive Excel Masterminds Group, where mentors & other members help each other to learn Excel
  4. Priority access to workshop
  5. Interactive Action-oriented fun sessions
  6. Recording of Workshop to re-watch & Learn

​OPTION 2 - Regular Seat : Pay Rs. 199 later, ONLY if you think it was worth it!

  1. Free FUN Puzzle worth Rs. 499 during the Workshop
  2. Access to Mentor for Doubt-clearing during the Workshop
  3. Interactive Action-oriented fun sessions
  4. No recording of Workshop

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    “Kumar is very good in Marketing, CVM & Digital Marketing. He has deep insights and comes up with innovative solutions that are based on sound data analysis. He is very good in MS Excel and other data analysis tools like BI.”

    Lawrence Fernandez

    COO, EmPay - Indonesia

    Here is what you'll learn:

    • Learn and add another tool to your CV while solving puzzles & playing games

    • How to Master Excel to become a key resource in your company

    • Learn the full power of Excel, the most popular Business Insights & Data Analysis Tool and get an early lead in your career

    • Hands-on MS Excel skills by solving fun puzzles.

    • Improve your Efficiency, Accuracy & Productivity

    • Impress your managers with attractive charts & dashboards. Get that salary raise that you want!

    • Open new career options like Data Science, Digital Marketing or Financial Analysis using the full power of Excel

    • Learn full details about our unique 'Fun with Excel' Course which makes learning fun & exciting

    • Save time by Automating repetitive Tasks with Excel Macros

    Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Here’s What Others Have To Say (& some screenshots)…

    Here is a message from the Head of a team in a large start-up where I taught Excel, Google Sheets & Data Studio.

    Here is my profile from Bitclass.live where I have taught over 1000s of students.

    Profile from BitClass

    Here is a sample puzzle (We have multiple puzzles and you may get a different puzzle in the actual workshop)

    Who is the Real DarkLord? - Text & Date Functions (Sample puzzle)

    In Koramangala, Bangalore, the police caught a gang doing movie-piracy.

    The police wanted to find out their leader, known by the nickname of DarkLord and quickly narrowed down the suspects.

    The police reached out to you to help them crack these clues, as you are the Excel & Data Analysis expert in town.

    You have to help the police in finding out the real DarkLord using your Excel skills!!


    Fun With Excel Course

    We do not offer the regular Excel training course. We offer a unique training on MS Excel, which includes games, puzzles and lots of fun, while learning MS Excel!!

    In this live online training, we solve puzzles and play games using Excel. So, you will have fun playing these games.

    And did we mention, you also learn Excel along the way!

    Thus, anyone can learn Excel in a fun way, whether you are student in Class 8th, a Professional or an Entrepreneur!

    This is online live training on MS Excel, so we will be there with you throughout your learning journey to mentor you!

    If you have any questions, feel free to fill the form above or email me on kumar.bm@mlbrains.com .

    Making you awesome in Excel while having fun!

    See you soon on the live Workshop!

    What is FUN with EXCEL workshop all about?

    Stay home & Learn Excel through this live online Excel course! This is a unique Fun Excel Course where you play games, solve puzzles & learn Excel !!

    The Fun with Excel workshop will cover the following:

    • Perform calculations with formulas and functions
    • Pivot Tables
    • IF Statement
    • Learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel
    • Expertly navigate the Excel user interface
    • Excel Tips & Tricks

    • And much more

    Faculty Profile

    Kumar BM

    Kumar B M

    Kumar is a Growth Marketer & Revenue Planner with over eighteen years of work experience in B2B and B2C companies / Start-ups in Marketing (Head of Marketing, Growth Hacking, Product Management), and Strategic & Revenue Planning.

    He has worked closely with CMOs/CEOs of few companies and made strategic & financial plans. He has been teaching courses on Google Data Studio, Excel / Google Sheets and Analytics to corporates and students.

    Education: MBA from IIM Ahmedabad + Electronics Engineer from NIT Surat


    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kumarbm/

    Here is the book "Fun with MS Excel" which teaches MS Excel in a fun way.

    I am currently writing this book. This covers all the topics of Excel in more detail with fun examples and real life examples.

    This has fun puzzles and activities using Excel, which helps you to learn faster and remember for a longer time!

    Key advantages


    ● Well qualified & experienced faculty with real life & practical experience in varied industries

    ● Worked with companies like Airtel, Etisalat and multiple start-ups

    Online Live Excel classes with Hands-on exercises so you can ask questions and learn faster ​

    ● Participants will learn Applied Excel and not just theory

    ● Real worksheets and sample data to do hands-on work in the class

    Fun assignments and quizzes ​

    ● Recording of the sessions available to re-watch and learn